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Fin-Fan Cleaning Services in Fort Saskatchewan

Entech Industrial Cleaning Inc offers comprehensive fin-fan cleaning services in Fort Saskatchewan. Cleaning air-cooled heat exchangers or fin-fan units is a complex job, and you need experienced professionals to handle the cleaning work. You can count on us to keep your air-cooled heat exchangers and fin-fan units clean and in working condition. Get in touch with us for more details.


Dirt and debris collect in heat exchangers can wreak havoc on your equipment and may increase energy consumption. Our technicians use high-volume foaming equipment to clean air-cooled heat exchangers and fin-fans. Also, dirt, oil and other debris that is accumulated in fin-fans may cause a significant loss in cooling efficiency and production. To ensure you fin-fans are running efficiently, we use environmentally friendly foam cleaners followed by a high-volume, low-pressure rinse to remove these contaminants and bring back operating efficiency and thereby increasing production.

Fin fan

Entech Industrial Cleaning Inc offers on-site consultation services to discuss large jobs that require special safety requirements. Depending on configuration, most jobs can be completed without needing a complete shutdown, by locking out one individual
fan at a time. A complete shutdown and lockout would be required when working on single-fan natural gas compressors where there are no additional systems available to pick up the load.



Our cleaning company uses eco-friendly solutions and advanced methods to return your equipment to its peak performance and improve energy efficiency. We spray a thick foam cleaning solution that expands and completely saturates the cooler bundle loosening up all oil, dirt and debris. Our low-pressure, high-volume rinse removes dirt and debris safely and thoroughly, and will not bend or damage any fins.

Also, our trucks are equipped with an 8,000 litre water supply that makes cleaning compressor coolers in the field easy. Contact us now to return your heavy equipment to its peak performance and improve energy efficiency.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Our success is freeing your equipment of dirt and grime.

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